Race to Indy (Mustang Club of Indianapolis show) – June 2012

I had a blast this weekend at the Race to Indy show.  There were some really awesome cars to be seen, including a one-of-one 1969 Shelby GT500 with a Boss 302 engine with an authenticated letter verifying that this is the only GT500 ever to be produced with a Boss 302 engine, a 2013 GT500, a couple Boss 302′s (including a 2013), and two Ford GTs.


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Sunday was the awards ceremony and free laps around the oval tracks.  Dad and I snapped a few quick vids of the oval track action on my iPhone, and let me say we were moving a lot faster than it looks.  The straigh-aways were 70-90MPH and the turns were around 50-65MPH.  It was pretty intense for never being on a racetrack before!

Tim from QCM and myself:

Beginning of my laps:

Some of dad’s laps:

Overall, this was a great time and I can’t wait to go back next year.


Eibach Lowering Springs Installed

Well, the Eibach Pro Kit springs have finally been installed.  I also installed camber bolts and a UPR double adjustable panhard bar while everything was apart.  The only part that gave me a lot of trouble was the front springs, so I had a local shop install them into the struts for $40, which was money well spent.

Check out the pics in the gallery and let me know what you think!

After - side

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PS – I’ll get measurements for the front and rear after the springs settle in.  It was 29.5″ from the ground to the bottom of the wheel well in the front and 30.0″ in the rear.

AMSOIL Fluids Installed

I feel like I got a lot accomplished this last week.  The front calipers are finally back in one piece and on the car, and I have replaced the engine oil and manual transmission fluid with AMSOIL products.  The oil was much easier than the 4.6 since the filter is easily accessible now.

The MTG swap was a bit of a pain, the fill and drain plugs are 8mm allen bolts and you will need an 8mm allen wrench and some sort of cheater bar (a guy on S197 suggested a deep well 8mm socket will do nicely but I had used something else already).  Following that, you need a piece of 3/8″ ID (1/2″ OD) tubing and  funnel that fits inside or a fluid pump.  Our fluid pump was junk and didn’t work so we ran the tubing from inside the cabin and filled from there.  Another helpful tip was to remove one cup (4 ounces) from a quart and you will be pretty close to the 2.7 quart fill with what sticks to the tubing and inside of the bottles.

I’m looking to pulling the rear calipers off next week and getting them painted as well, I will post updates here with my progress.


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Front calipers are finished and re-installed

Well, the front calipers are (finally) painted and reinstalled, pics are in the gallery but here are a few highlights.

I also changed the oil and drained the manual trans fluid tonight and prepared for the fill.  I just need to secure some 3/8″ ID tubing and we’re ready to rock for the fill this weekend.

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I will be updating this page regularly with any Mustang news that I find interesting, as well as reports from any trips to the track and car shows/cruise-ins that I attend.